Which Injuries Are Most Common in Pedestrian Accidents?

Did you know that approximately 38% of pedestrians suffer head, face, and neck injuries every year? Unfortunately, the numbers keep rising each year and this calls for more precautionary actions. Did you also know that you can also seek justice from a law firm such as Jae Lee Law and be compensated for any injuries or deaths that occurred?

It is important to be on the lookout at all times when using the road whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, or driver. Despite the cautions, accidents still occur. This leads to minor, extreme injuries and at times death.

Which injuries are pedestrians most likely to suffer from?

Depending on the type of car, the speed of the driver, age, and health conditions of the victim, the injuries vary.

The most common injuries


Head trauma

Mostly occur when the victim is hit by an overspeeding vehicle and they come into collision to a point they are thrown to the ground. The victim might hit their head on the road or an object leading to head injuries or brain injuries.

Internal injuries

This type of injury is not easily noticeable until later or after a diagnosis is done. Occurs after an internal blood vessel ruptures due to the injury.

At times someone might have their internal organs such as lungs, stomach, or liver affected by the accident that occurred when using the road.

Spinal cord injuries

Occur when a collision is made to the spinal cord altering its functionality, structure, or lead to extreme pain. This is a serious injury as when the spinal cord is hurt, this might even lead to paralysis making the limbs dysfunctional.

Bone fractures

These are the most common injuries in pedestrians. In children, minimal injuries might cause bone fractures as their bones are not well and fully developed. The good news is they heal faster. In old people, bone fractures are also likely to occur but take more time to heal. This calls for more attention when using the road.


Unfortunately, some people lose their lives when using the road due to accidents that occur. If the other road user was in the wrong and resulted in the death of your friend or relative, they can be sued and justice took through the help of law firms and attorneys such as Jae Lee Law.

What precautions should pedestrians take to prevent accidents?

Children next to a car walking through pedestrian crossing to the school

Avoid using your phone

In the current digital age where everything is on our phones, we need to be careful when using the roads and involve all our senses. Avoid texting when crossing the road to access the safety of using the road.

Look left and right twice before crossing the road.

As much as most of us just look one side and cross the road, you must confirm the road is safe for use. Check out for zebra crossing signs and use them when crossing the road.

Do not cross the road diagonally

While you trust your judgment before crossing the road, you might be wrong at an instance and it is good to be cautious by crossing the road the right way. In case a car speeds in your direction, you are less likely to panic.

Observe traffic lights

You must know when to cross the road and when to wait by observing the traffic lights. The red light tells the driver to stop, the green light tells the driver to drive or keep driving and the yellow light tells the driver to stop.

In conclusion, accidents can be avoided and this can be done by ensuring the road is safe for you to use as a pedestrian.