How to Create an Artist Profile on Spotify

Making an impression on the audience or viewers on Spotify requires having a profile. The chance for different people and organizations to showcase what they have in the larger industry has greatly increased this site’s appeal in the music industry. Variety is important, and viewers may select from a variety of preferences. However, an artist must have an Artist profile before being given the chance to showcase their work on the site.

Nevertheless, musicians are restricted from directly uploading tracks to the portal. Artists must thus use the services of digital distributors if they want the artist’s music to be included in the enormous repertoire. Also, they should understand how to get followers on Spotify to expand their audience.

Profile Setup

An artist is required to firstly search for that name on the site, and once the name is found or located, an artist is required to log in with the present account. One can also be able to manage a newly created account associated with the artist’s profile. Once claimed through clicking ‘Yes.’ Take the actions that are outlined. It is an easy and simple procedure. For an artist to be verified, they must be able to connect their current website profile to their Instagram or Twitter account. The task at hand as a next step is to wait while the Spotify team evaluates the request and presents its feedback in three days. The comments will be delivered through email notice, and returning to the artist page will be essential. This will then be verified, and an artist must log in in order to access the “Your Dashboard” area to begin managing the profile creation. These steps help the artist to aim for aspects such as Artist play count.


Being able to sell merchandise

Once established, this platform will provide artists with the ability to offer their followers goods and services. This will make the purchase process easier. Nonetheless, one will be required to have a merchant account.

Editing of profile

This benefit is dependent on a person’s ability to select the kind of profile photo they desire and maintain it consistently. This includes having the ability to construct a personal biography so that you may introduce yourself to the audience. Additionally, social network accounts may be linked.

Having access to the most well-liked new playlists

It is not simple to fit into the most listened-to playlists. However, having an artist profile gives you an edge since you can suggest the different types of music to the various playlist curators and convince them to appreciate your inclusion. This will enable the artist to connect with a variety of people.

Announce concerts

An artist can also be able to announce events on Spotify, through the agreements that the platform has with Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Songkick, and AXS. This is in order to display the dates of the various performances. This extends to the essential steps of keeping the profile up to date.