What are Instagram Questions?

Ever since the phenomenon that is social media first came on to the scene, the world has completely changed in terms of a lot of new and different things. Indeed, the introduction and use of social media made everything much more reachable, accessible, and user-friendly making the entire process very smooth. Indeed, social media and its different platforms like Instagram have contributed majorly to the world becoming a “global village” and to the concept of globalization in general. Without a doubt, Instagram has become the talk of the town. It is now being used not only for the purpose of social interaction but also to promote as well as conduct business online with ease and with accuracy. The introduction of some of its new features like questions and polls also greatly benefited the way businesses are now being conducted. People use questions and find new Instagram poll ideas to interact with their existing and new followers.

One of the very popular features of Instagram is the Instagram questions feature that is being used very creatively and very frequently by different accounts for different purposes. Personal and business accounts use this feature to increase their account’s effectiveness and efficiency. This feature also enables accounts to get better reach, engagement as well as positively impact conversion rates.

Here we shall discuss different ways different accounts are using the Instagram questions sticker feature on their feeds.

To get answers to some important questions

Your account might have different purposes. For instance, if you have a business account and want some feedback regarding your product, it is always a good idea to engage your audience and use the Instagram questions sticker to tempt your followers to give feedback. An example of such an instance can be if you ask your audience the question that goes something like: “How has your experience been so far with our products”? With this, the audience will simply click on the question sticker and answer according to their own experiences. Once the question has been answered, you can immediately get feedback and even post it up on your story for the rest of the people to know. This can also help you improve your performance as a business significantly.

To connect with your followers

Whether it be the Instagram questions feature or Instagram poll, all these features contribute greatly to increasing the overall engagement with your followers and allow you to connect with them on a professional as well as on a personal level. This will help your followers feel more valued that will in turn help you to get more from them in the long run.

To Support a Campaign

One of the most effective means of conducting a campaign, or even supporting a campaign is through Instagram questions feature. When you support a specific campaign, you have to come with new and creative ideas to keep the campaign interesting and in order to avoid monotony, you can use different features like Instagram questions to keep your followers interested. Questions can help you reinforce the key message of the entire campaign whilst maintaining interest.