Are Wood Shutters Better Than Vinyl?

Interior window shutters offer beauty and protection to your windows. While wood shutters have been in existed for decades, vinyl, as well as other synthetics, are also becoming more popular. They both provide a greater option to a variety of homeowners. But one might ask, “Are wood shutters better than vinyl?” well, to respond to this question, we have made an in-depth comparison based on several factors a homeowner may look for, such as colors, maintenance, cost, and finishes.


When it comes to color variations, wood blinds and shutters takes the lead over vinyl. Vinyl shutters do come in limited shades and color variations. Also, they cannot be repainted once finished. On the other hand, wood shutters come in several types, colors, and finishes. Besides, wood shutters can always be painted or stained into different colors to suit the color of your home décor. The paintings can also improve privacy to a homeowner.


When it comes to moist areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, vinyl shutters are the best to maintain. One major selling point for vinyl blinds and shutters is that their synthetic material does not wrap, peel or swell irrespective of high moisture content. Contrarily, wood shutters are usually susceptible to moisture. This makes them require high maintenance when put in moisture-prone areas. Also, wood shutters need regular maintenance to keep them off pests and insects. Vinyl shutters are immune to such types of damages hence requires less maintenance.


Vinyl shutters aren’t expensive. They come at pocket-friendly budgets hence affordable. Wood shutters are significantly expensive to purchase. Therefore, if you intend to decorate your windows on a small budget, you can always choose the vinyl option. They’ll help you save a lot.


In as much as vinyl shutters are designed to match the wood shutter, the quality of their finish still varies considerably. If you take a closer look at vinyl shutters, you can clearly distinguish it from wood. Wood shutters do have a warm, classic finish with aesthetic appeal. Therefore, the quality of wood finishes far outdoes that of vinyl.

Final thoughts

There is an adage that states ‘your home is your castle.’ Therefore, to bring the best look of your home, you need to have the best shutter option available. The best shutter is that which is easy to clean, easy to maintain, affordable, and above all, provides an ultimate aesthetic look to your home. In as much as vinyl shutters are easily affordable, moisture resistant and require low maintenance, wood shutters still stand the best. This is because wood shutters are easy to dust, durable, suits all design, and increases privacy.